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Our most eco + ethical luxury fabrics; TENCEL™ Luxe + organic Peace Silk

Developed for STSC this new eco-couture fabric blends TENCEL™ Luxe with a GOTS organic Peace Silk that is then handwoven by their rural sericulture co-op partners in India who are known for their loving care of the silk worms, their community and the environment.

"It's a fitting tribute to the beauty of nature to bring together two such extraordinary eco and ethical yarns," says STSC Director, Alison Jose. "I'm excited to finally share this new development as it took over a year for the mill to carefully perfect this blend."

Alison says " I felt privileged to have been one of the worlds first textile wholesalers to be invited to work with Lenzing's newly developed TENCEL™ Luxe yarn, and so I wanted to create something very special."

She was first sent some amazing blends however they were made with "regular" silk and STSC only work with Peace Silk so she decided to create a unique ethical blend reaching out to her Indian mill who specialises only in peace silks.

Also known by its Sanskrit name for non-violence to living beings - "Ahimsa silk", Alison then asked her mill who specialises in peace silk fabrics to pair their yarn with Lenzing's TENCEL™ Luxe to blend with their gorgeous new eco-couture cellulose fabric designed for the premium luxury market.

"I decided to start with a silk blend because TENCEL™ Luxe's fine lyocell filament properties can be compared to those of silk due to its airy feeling on the skin and the matte finish". See below how beautiful it looks while its moving.

At the same time, TENCEL™ Luxe also stands out because of its extensive strength and high level of environmental compatibility so it is perfectly suited for very fine fabric blends, and the first textiles is named MalMal with a 80% TENCEL™ Luxe and 20% Peace Silk and a fine weave with 51gsm weight.

Follow us to stay updated when the next blend is launched & visit to see more Peace Sulk and other sustainable textiles and learn more about this textile plus purchase Swatches here

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