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Compostable activewear & undies? yes, yes they are.

STSC is proud to announce our revolutionary new textile CircStretch; blending natural fibers with ROICA™ V550 bio-stretch yarn to create high quality circular textiles for activewear, swimwear, underwear, socks & apparel where stretch is needed, and that can ultimately safely close the loop & home compost in microbiologically active home compost in around 300 days.

We have developed these textiles with ROICA™ V550; the world’s first Cradle To Cradle® Gold Standard Certified stretch yarn plus certified by the Hohenstein Institute as 100% non-toxic as it breaks down giving us the stretch solution for end-of-life cycle.

Our blends include GOTS organic cotton, TENCEL™ Modal and Birla™ Modal plus LivaEco™ and by using C2C or Bluesign dyes and our garment elastic with bio natural rubber + organic cotton and TENCEL™ sewing thread, then the whole garment is compostable in one go.

I want to give a huge thanks to Ginia Chu who has worked so hard with me and the Japanese inventors of ROICA™ V550 plus our specialized mills in India and China to develop STSC's unique CircStretch collection to combat the global problem of plastic pollution.

We feel enormously positive that this is the first step to replacing the need for both virgin and recycled synthetic fabrics that will not break down for up to thousands of years all the while causing plastic pollution and emissions.

Our pathway next is to trial our commercial compost and Take Back system via our Circular Textile Waste Service so we can reuse, repair and ultimately accelerate the composting time to take it back to soil, and beyond.

Please reach out to receive our full Presentation along with circular design pathway suggestions at

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