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Beware of these 2 unethical businesses

Berge Movement for their new clothing range Movement Made and Natural Dye House, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu

Thank you to all the kind people wondering in I’m ok - the short answer is no. Story below; I’m a single Mum small business, I left my son (in care but miss him so so much) to come be with my client and my dye and mill partner, and this is what they’ve done. #heartbroken Remember when I posted this after travelling from Australia to meet with my client sondre_berg of movementmade_brand of Norway to introduce him to my “partner” Rajan of natural_dye_house in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India - well what happened next was that Sondre decided he would go around me and work directly with Rajan just so he wouldn’t pay me for my textiles he had already been using for samples.

After meeting Raajan, Sondre then emailed me to say I’m “the middle man” and decided to kick me out and work with natural_dye_house directly which is profoundly unethical. Much to my heartbreaking disappointment Raajan agreed. He wants to say his brand is the “first” which indeed that was the plan to launch with my CircStretch textile as the first brand after 2 years of extensive R&D in China. I held off others so he could be “the first”. He knew I had come to set up in India so that it would save his new venture money as my Chinese mill charges in USD & Rupees is cheaper after conversion. And the biggest disappointment was that Rajan of @natural_dye_house agreed to copy but with “tweaks” 🤷🏻‍♀️ So they’ve stolen my IP and customer, in fact the whole concept to use natural dyes was mine as well. This is the 2nd time Rajan had done this on this job, using his own textiles instead of mine, even tho I’m the textile wholesaler. It would be similar to me finding out the manufacturer for the bespoke exercise equipment Sondre developed with a supplier, and working directly with them, stealing the design, putting my name on it and saying it’s a world first 🤷🏻‍♀️ highly unethical behaviour and given I actually trusted them both, hence me stupidly introducing them, because I wanted to support both new businesses and because at the end of the day it’s about supporting the environment and people to minimise plastic pollution, but obviously not for them. #immoral

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