JERSEY KNITS + RIB KNITS. STSC's CircStretch collection finally replaces all toxic synthetic stretch fabrics.

STSC's revolutionary stretch fabric uses the world’s first Cradle To Cradle® Gold Standard Certified stretch yarn ROICA™ V550 and blends with natural fibers to be ideal for activewear, athleisure, compression garments, swimwear, fashion and intimates plus sports equipment, home textiles and toys.

STSC blends the bio-stretch with GOTS organic cotton, TENCEL™ Modal and Birla™ Modal.

Certified by the Hohenstein Institute as 100% non-toxic as it breaks down.  STSC's unique collection has the ability to be safely composted, free of any toxic bi-products and breaks down within 300 days in microbiologically active compost. 

Dyes are Cradle-To-Cradle® Certified or Bluesign®. The range offers single jersey knits, rib knits and heavier weighted fabrics, making it versatile for different garment types.

The innovative fabric is intended to extend the life cycle of garments and replace the need for synthetic, stretch fabric in garments where stretch is required.
MOQ 1000+metres / 500 kgs

See further details below and request to receive the full presentation.

  • Minimum orders 1000 metres / 500 kgs.

  • To start the process, first request to see the Presentation

  • then Complete the Textile Enquiry Form via the Order Textiles page

  • Swatches are sent

  • Payment is 50% upfront payment of bulk order. 

  • Sampling is 10 kgs . approx. 20 metres 

  • Once client approves the sampling remaining payment is made + shipping fee

  • Shipment is sent direct to your manufacturer.

  • Contact STSC to receive the full CircStretch presentation.


  • CircStretch can be used alongside our natural rubber elastic composed of organic cotton and TENCEL™ thread, creating a 100% compostable garment that can be safely discarded via home composting or a Circular-Take-Back-Service to repurpose “unwearables”.

  • The Australian based Take Back Service is in development with the Circular Centre's “Circular Textile Waste Service” aims to replace harmful, synthetic textiles, such as rPET textiles that ultimately recycle plastic back into the supply chain.

  • CircStretch promotes a circular design system of home composting or a Take Back Recycling Service as products such as underwear, swimwear and activewear