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Combining STSC textiles with CIRCLOLINK Digital Product Passport via RFiD THREADS® 

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Pilots are created to use circular design strategies and tools to connect products to a circular economy using Circlolink. Digital Products Passport via RFiD THREADS® plus sustainable textiles to create a true circular collection.


  1. View the types of textiles

  2. fill in the

    **Note. You must first copy the blank form and re-name the file with your name.

Stage 1
. First steps

  • Determine your textiles; purchase low MOQ textiles from STSC

  • Email to request the Circlolink Introduction.

  • Learn about Circlolink and purchase a Starter Pack 
    **​Note SMEs may join together to form a collective to purchase the Starter Pack and share the threads and RFID Chainway C72 reader.

  • fill in the Fill in the Circular Pilot Q&A Form to determine if you meet the Circlolink criteria; ​for this pilot we work with brands who use a Supply Chain Management platform. The Pilot Q&A Form is to establish details regarding connectivity, confidentiality etc.

  • manufacture your collection

  • add the RFiD THREADS® then scan to add the data including provenance, traceability, certification; the where, what, who, when - from fibre to customer etc. (can bulk scan at any time)


The Q&A is to determine details such as; existing circular design strategies, partnerships, Supply Chain Management software if connecting DPP to your SCM.

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PILOT STAGE 1.  Add data related to circular design strategies to assist with certification and standards. Increase B2B omni-channel supply-chain management efficiency and bulk scan thousands of products instantly in addition to it's "Base Data". 

  • Brands can choose to connect their own Supply Chain Management system via a software "bridge" to enhance efficiency including product returns via a password protection to re-join the SCM. If connected to a SCM, then this is disconnected at Point-of-Sale or by request by the brand. Only the "Base Data" becomes open source. 

  • CIRCLOLINK'S STAGE 2 is the B2C connection. When the RFiD THREADS® is first scanned it creates a unique QR Code for customer engagement.

PILOT STAGE 2. The next stage for the Pilot is once products are sold or distributed, Adetex.CS will switch off the software bridge that was connected to the brand’s SCM and retain only the (agreed) Base Data which is then available to open source. 

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PILOT STAGE 3.  The products are actively sent around a circular economy with tests to simulate the process. The RFiD THREADS® can be read and show the Circlolink Base Data  by using a UHF commercial RFID reader.

Achieve un-fakeable authentication and increase ROI by connecting to resource recovery providers who extend the products lifecycle. Go beyond traceability to show transparency, certification plus minimise greenwashing and strengthen brand loyalty.

​Charities, NFP, businesses can read and add new data showing the products circular movements eg. resale, rent, repair, redesign, remake, reuse.At this stage the Pilot will also conduct tests for returns, eg.  the brand will re-scan and reinstate the software bridge for faster efficient returns. Note its is at this stages where products stay stuck or diverted for seconds or landfill. We aim to value the embodied carbon and help increase a brands ROI

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Step 4. 

Then recycling, we work with you and appropriate recyclers to first scan then remove RFiD Thread reset, reuse, use in next product eg after fibres were recycled eg wool into new textiles, or recycled metal. 

STSC's goal is to support designers and makers who are at the forefront of sustainable design. In the EU 99.% of designers are SMEs with over 80% macro businesses of 1-10 employees. To create opportunities for all stakeholders to participate in a shared economy, STSC and Adetex.CS have created Circular Pilots. Our shared goal is to mitigate carbon emissions and pollution and aim for circular design practices that support people and planet. 

MOQs are low to help engage as many brands as possible to start to create material flows.  

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Email to request the Introduction. This includes details on the Starter Pack and receive the Q&A to determine details such as; existing circular design strategies, partnerships, Supply Chain Management software if connecting DPP to your SCM.


Brands can work with Alison Jose CEO to learn more about circular economy strategies.
Book a Consultation.

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