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Participate in STSC's collaborative orders of CircStretch, offering low MOQs so that all designers from students to international brands can be the first to transition to CircStretch textiles and stop using toxic chemical plastic stretch in activewear, underwear, apparel, socks etc.

Order updates are sent via email and STSC CLUB Newsletters.  Sign up to receive the Newsletters  Click on individual textiles to nominate how many kgs of interest and purchase a swatch.  Once we reach 1000kgs you will be notified

OPTION 1. 1000kg (bulk order - see different price list)

OPTION 2. join a collab order 100kg eg.10 participants to reach mills 1000kg MOQ. 
See available CircStretch below

OPTION 3. create your own collab via STSC Club Facebook group 

Designers unable to purchase 100kg minimums are encouraged to join the STSC Club Facebook group to meet other designers and create your own mini-groups that will total 100kgs to share.

First STSC Club textile - tbc
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