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Handloom plant textiles

Banana stem, linen, nettle, hemp, local grown cotton plus certified GOTS Organic Cotton

Hand woven textiles from weaving groups in the the Himalayas plus northern and southern India. Plant fibres include banana stem, linen, nettle, hemp, plus local grown and Certified GOTS Organic Cotton.

Woven griege without dyes for you to print or dye or order dyed using pure plant-based dyes or AZO-free dyes.

Most mills require 30-50+ metre MOQs. Smaller quantities listed on AVAILABLE NOW.

Download PRICE LISTS for per metre prices, width, MOQs etc. 

FIRST STEP. Purchase Zero Waste 3 Metre Samples Listed price is for 3 metres for sampling, freight is charged separately. Read 3m FAQs prior to purchase.

Plant Dyed Handloom organic cotton: Text

Ayurveda textiles

Handwoven in Kerala then dyed with locally harvested ayurveda and medicinal plants and natural dyes that are imbued into the yarn in large pots over a fire before hand woven by local artisans.

First purchase zero-waste 3 metre samples to trial the hand feel, weight and drape. Next step choose a colour and place an order MOQ 30 metres. See colour charts and information on dyes.

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