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About Natural Dyeing

Natural Plant Dyeing services require a $340 AUD set up fee which includes liaising between clients and our specialised dyers, testing and colour sampling, to sample dye through to dye set up processes. 

3 ways to dye: 1. finished garments; 2. textiles (1.2 metres at a time); 3. yarn dye gives melange look. See samples below.


  • Bulk production approx 1 month once swatch colours/ lab dip dye colours have been approved. 

  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for the mill to create lab dips of your desired colours, (shipping included in timeframe). 

  • Overall timeline allow 2-3 months for bespoke natural fabric dyeing with STSC. 

Natural Fabric Dyeing - bulk dyeing unit in South India

Natural plant dyeing for natural fabrics such as CircStretch, Organic Cotton, Organic Peace Silks, Lenzing™ Ecovero™ and Speciality blends including Banana/ Organic Cotton.


Lenzing wood pulp fibres Tencel™ Modal™ and EcoVero™ take natural plant dyes beautifully however Tencel™ LUXE fibres are not as successful.


See Pantones for your dip test suggestions.  Please note as the colours are derived from natural plants they will look slightly softer and lighter on fabrics. Naturally dyed silks will create a more vibrant colour. These swatch cards are dyed cotton. 

Prices are determined by fabric weight, depth of colour, MOQ etc. See individual textile Price Lists for our core range of fabrics in griege then we quote according to the colours and depth chosen. 

Natural Fabric Dyeing

Pre Sample Order

STSC textiles can be sent from our fabric mills in India in Greige/ PFD/RFD to our natural plant dyers to be fabric dyed. 

Natural Plant Dyeing

Sample Order

1-2kg sample dye of STSC Textile dyed to Sample Dye are small amounts of fabric which are sent to clients to ensure the colour and quality fits their requirements when specific fabrics are dyed.

Send in Post to STSC to be forwarded onto the client OR sent direct to international client once NDA has been signed. 

Client Approves and moves to bulk dyeing stage

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