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Join STSC CLUB and receive the CircStretch textile presentation via email plus see the EOI and links to available textiles below. Together we can increase our collective purchasing power to offer beautiful sustainable textiles at low MOQs, minimise waste and risk, reduce costs, mitigate carbon emissions and promote zero waste.


Click links below to learn more about the Expression of Interest (EOI) process plus information on the textiles available via STSC CLUB. 

Bulk production is the best way to lower our carbon footprint and costs.  Each time a mill stops a production run it costs time and money therefore high MOQs are better for the environment and us all and especially when considering small orders equal higher carbon footprint.

TIMEFRAMES. There is no way to determine how long it will take to reach the Mills MOQ and we will keep you informed via email after joining STSC Club.

JOIN the STSC CLUB and to receive the CircStretch Introduction plus view available textiles below.  Once you receive the we then send the Price List.  

STSC is a small enterprise and we appreciate your support by waiting for announcements as we work as fast as we can so please carefully read the information we share as we hope to answer any questions you may have.  Plus to share the news of this exciting new bio-stretch textiles to your community.  By supporting CircStretch, this will assist us to raise awareness of plastic pollution in clothing and our shared goal to minimise the use of plastic for the health of people and planet.

New EOI textiles will be added over time.  At this stage we are unable to offer thee smart thread or Take-Back system with our Circular Textile Waste Service via the STSC Club.  We hope to in the future as we expand the Service.​

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The following details go through the ordering process.  Once you have evaluated the information and wish to proceed you can place an EOI on the SHOP page and specify how many kgs.  

Once you have placed an EOI you will receive an automated response.  Follow up emails are sent for updates plus once we have met the bulk MOQ and have the ability to fulfil your order we will send invoices.  We are unable to determine the amount of time this will take. 

NOTE. CIRCSTRETCH MOQ via STSC CLUB is 100kgs.  Designers unable to meet these MOQs are encouraged to join the STSC Club Facebook group to meet other designers and share the metres and costs.  Join the Club to receive the CircStretch Introduction plus read ABOUT CIRCSTRETCH.


Once the MOQ is met we will contact you and request you send us a formal Purchase Order to confirm your interest along with a link so you can purchase a swatch.

Once you receive the swatch and approve the quantity of kgs/metres, STSC will then issue an Invoice for a 50% - 80% deposit (depending on your order)


For bulk orders 1 sample roll (approx 50-80 metres depending on the weight) is milled.  Approximately 2-5 metres is then sent to you for sampling and your approval.

Following your approval the bulk order will advance to full production and we issue an invoice for the remaining amount.

At this point you can increase your order however not decrease.  If you decided to not proceed then you will receive a refund minus USD$200 for admin fees. 


Following payment of the Final invoice + freight charges the textiles are shipped direct to your nominated address from China or India. Check your import duties & taxes.

Where possible and for larger orders, our mills will cut & drop ship direct by charging a Cut Fee.  In some cases we will bulk ship to a central location & individual orders are then re-distributed.

We cannot give a timeframe for EOI orders. It is our goal to promote this opportunity & distribute this unique eco-textile as quickly as possible so all designers can stop using unsafe textiles and purchase at low MOQs.

Its an enormous task to coordinate therefore we appreciate your patience & wait to be contacted only once we know we can place your order.