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Wholesale Pricelists

STSC works with clients worldwide therefore our Prices are subject to currency fluctuations. Prices are set for 24 hours once you receive the official Invoice that follows an approved Quote.

See Pricelists below. For for up-to-date pricing fill in a
Textile Enquiry Form with your interest in textiles from our existing collection.

CIRCSTRETCH offers a replacement to synthetic stretch textiles. This bio stretch yarn is blended with natural fibers and the world's first Cradle to Cradle stretch yarn to make a fabric suitable for apparel, underwear, activewear and swimwear.

100% Organic Peace Silk Textiles in a range of woven weights, blends and textures.

GOTS Organic Cotton wovens and knits. Linen and Linen/ Organic Cotton Blends. Recycled Polyester/ Organic Cotton Blends for Upholstery.

Handwoven textiles: Banana stem/ Cotton, Khadi, Handloom Nettle/ Organic Cotton and other new developments including Yulex Bio-Rubber to replace synthetic Neoprene.

Organic cotton blended biodegradable rubber to create compostable elastic.

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