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Premium eco-stretch textiles suitable for activewear, yoga wear, swimwear, and stretch apparel. 

STSC is proud to announce a digital product passport that we can offer to designers, Visit the website to learn more and book a Consultation.

CircStretch is an innovation of STSC that aimed to create a performance textile that is built for longevity, will keep its shape and colour but also replace toxic dyes plus the current plastic stretch textiles on the market that uses 100% toxic chemical laden plastic fibres shedding into our environment with potential negative impacts worn on our skin.

I aimed to make safer textiles to be used in garments such as activewear, yogawear, underwear, ones worn close to the skin and sensitive body parts while sweating. All plastic textiles are derived from fossil fuels and are known endocrine disruptors plus potential carcinogens. Medical research is finally advancing and experts and concerned about the potential negative impact they have on human health with a particular concern related to the decline in men's penis size and fertility.  

Premium performance fibres including Lenzing's TENCEL™ MODAL made from wood pulp with the highest FSC Forestry Standard Certification plus closed loop capture during yarn manufacturing with the industry's highest resource efficiency plus minimize environmental impact.


I then sourced a new innovative
degradable elastane ROICA™ V550  by Japanese company Asahi Kasei. ROICA™ V550 is the world-first sustainable degradable stretch fiber. It partially degrades under ISO 14855-1 tested by OWS, decomposing into CO2 and water, and is also a world-first, Cradle to Cradle-Certified™ stretch (elastane) yarn with a Material Health Gold Level Certificate.

ROICA™ V550 is an eco-alternative to conventional elastane that will take 200+ years to biodegrade. 

It is a polymer designed to give high performance stretch with the highest environmental rating on the market. Our R&D consists of creating beautiful long lasting performance textiles that has the lowest negative impact on humans, animals and the environment. It isnt perfect in that its sourced from fossil fuels and with our R&D we aim to use as little stretch as possible and utilising the knits own mechanical stretch capabilities.

Our results have produced a high quality, beautiful hand-feel soft but stretchy textile perfect for these applications and safe to wear against your skin. We are bouncing back from theft of my IP and clients and we can now offer the start in a collection of textiles I am very proud to have created. During this time Asahi Kasei have released new testing that shows 50% biodegradation.

BLUESIGN CERTIFICATION. We use Bluesign certified dyes, achieving the highest certification for all fibers and dyes.

GOTS ORGANIC BIO GARMENT ELASTIC  - Order Natural Rubber and Organic Cotton Elastic

For more details around the sustainability features, performance, as well as the technology and production processes behind TENCEL™ branded fibers, please visit

Email to request further information

STSC is pleased to announce a digital product passport that we can offer to designers, Visit the website, learn more and if brands want to proceed then book a Q&A to start.

We work with brands to create take-backs with R-Cyclers eg repair, resell, redesign then fibre to fibre recycling. I'm thrilled that our benchmark is no longer to compost as that will be a waste of the resources. Mixed blend textiles can now be recycled and we work with brands to create circular design strategies,.

Tencel Modal is biodegradable in marine water, fresh water and soil.* To give you an example in a microbiologically active compost it will completely disappear in around 8-12 weeks. The end of life of ROICA V550 is still under examination.  What we can tell you is approx.55% biodegrades in 24 months and remember this is just the small component of the stretch to a garment. What is important to note is that the fibres worn close to the body plus the microfibre shedding into the environment that will occur in all garments are safe, toxic free and and all will biodegrade except for a few tiny percentage of the stretch, and its still better than all other stretch textiles on the market.

Asahi Kasei has updated their research and will continue researching to give greater improvements and new developments are done, but to date, this is the highest eco-benchmark for stretch textiles. Additionally we use Bluesign dyes which is again a departure from other textiles in providing benchmark eco-dyes beyond the simple Azo-free and OEKO-Tex standards.

Note biodegradation wont occur in your wardrobe as the fibers are not only designed to be environmentally safe but also to enhance longevity; the hallmark of circularity.

CONTACT STSC to receive the presentation about CircStretch and the Global Circular Network digital product Passport using the worlds first washable radio frequency tag housed in a single thread that will connect with the GCN App.


This facilitates full circularity for any product made with our CircStretch. It will not only capture the products journey from fibre to feedstock, it communicates to fibre to fibre recyclers that the product is safe to turn into yarn that can be used in products worn close to the skin and even babys wear.

To learn more request information email to request the presentation and book a Consultation and purchase a swatch.

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WORLD FIRSTS: be one of the first designers in the world to use STSC's unique CircStretch activewear bio-knits. Combine this new stretch textile and Global Circular Network via RFiD THREADS® (optional).

Purchase a Swatch and booking a Circular design consultation

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