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artisans in kovalam 

Hello from Kovalam, Kerala, South India

Our aim is to introduce ways to lower emissions contributing to the climate crisis plus help minimise and bring attention to the catastrophic plastic textiles pollution being caused by unsustainable textiles. 


We do this to support both people and planet with a special focus on the local artisans of Kerala.
Please meet our artisan friends in Kovalam; Suja artisan embroidery, Sohan Lal, master jeweller Alam, tailor Biju and tea

Hand embroidering is more than a passion and past-time for Suja, it is a way she can do something she loves and help care for her husband who is blind and be there for her two children in the home. It was Suja's clever Mum the "local coconut lady" who I call Mum, who first came up with the idea for Suja to use our sustainable textiles so Suja can do her beautiful her unique patterns onto the textiles and we share her artistry with people visiting Kovalam and all around the world.

This has opened up her heart and mind by seeing the support and appreciation of her gorgeous embroidery. 
Purchase Suja's beautiful pieces here.

Introducing Artisan Sohan Lal who has worked in his own gallery for over 20 years. Here you’ll see the local Indian newspaper’s interviewing him again. Sohan’s gentle, methodical nature comes through as he obviously adores his job… his life’s calling.

He has some of his teachers intricate portraits stunning portraits on display with great pride. Sohan is a lucky man to have found his passion that matches his skill set. Living in Kovalam has its own challenges however as the beach tourist town is seeing a decline in travelers over the past few years especially from COVID.

His water colour paintings are so affordable so you can choose several favorites as a set.
See the website to purchase Sohan's favourite Hindu gods 


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