Consulting Services

STSC is a service based wholesale textiles and circular textile design business. 


We take showroom appointments in person and online for designers who would like to learn more about our sustainable textile collection or create a bespoke line. We tailor an appointment according to your design concepts and help inform you on the textile variables to match textiles and fibres to suit your requirements plus arrange dyes, printing etc.  


For underwear, swimwear and activewear specific designs we recommend booking an appointment with our activewear specialist Gina Chu.

In the appointment she will guide you through the complicated stages of fabric creation and production. Helping you avoid common mistakes that waste money, time and resources. 

Ginia has created her own curated range of activewear fabrics as well as our ground breaking CircStretch bio-stretch used for activewear and swimwear. 

Clients can book a one-on-one consulting session to help you create a foundation and strategic pathway to implement circular design systems for businesses who use textiles to manufacture fashion, uniforms, accessories and products, whether you are at concept stage or intending to pivot existing manufacturing and end-of-life systems.

We introduce you to the Circular Centre's projects and affiliations that are being put in place to also benefit your business and help you stand out from "regular" designers not only by using true sustainable textiles but also working towards being a circular economy label tackling waste and carbon emissions. 
Learn more about our Circular Design Consulting service.


Before your consultation we require you to fill in a Textile Enquiry Form to enable us to tailor the appointment to your design needs. This also allows multiple team members to keep track of your inquiry and orders.