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Handwoven organic cotton face masks dyed with natural plants ready for wear.

These beautiful masks have been made with the utmost care from my women's co-op in Kerala, South India that was set up 30+ years ago to help women weavers be paid correctly. This special fabric its from the Ayurveda natural healing method of India and dates back over 5,000 years.  They have used 100% GOTS* certified Organic Cotton which is handloomed and hand dyed using pure plant-based dyes and up to 50 Ayurveda medicinal plants.  The organic cotton yarn was first hand dyed with Ayurveda medicinal plants that were collected from their local forest and then imbued into the cloth before hand weaving. The dye baths infuse the fabric fibres with the beautiful natural colours of the plants and their healing properties.  When worn or slept in, the fabrics are known to delivery the medical benefits of the herbs into the skin.

"This micro-encapsulation technology that embeds tiny capsules into clothing fabrics. When these tiny micro-capsules come into contact with body heat and wear, they slowly release their chemical payloads which can contain fragrances or skincare lotions or other chemicals which might have some topical beauty or medicinal value to the skin that comes into contact with the micro-encapsulated fabric," says Michael - Organic Clothing

The first is a single layer face mask that has 2 different colour and herbal plant options and choose from ties or elastic to go around the ears:

Options 1. YELLOW includes Thulsi, Neem, Turmeric and Ginger.

Option 2. WHITE includes aloe vera, jasmin and white lotus.

The second is a double layer face mask that has 3 different colours with 50 different herbal plants included and focussing on neem and turmeric to give the medicinal support and colours.

Colours includes are pink/white-ish, khaki-ish and a natural/beige/brown-ish and they come with elastic..

These handloom fabrics are hand woven by women who are master weavers and artisans.  The nature of this fabric is the exquisite hand weaving therefore no two fabrics are exact match to the samples.  They are made to match as closely as possible but will never be identical.  This is the beauty and high quality of this fabric. 

VISIT ONLINE to purchase in bulk either the single layer masks or the 2 layered mask or a combination of all 5 masks available. Plus read more about the weavers and Ayurvastra fabric from several studies including a study by Sasmita Panda, Associate Professor, and Jyothirmai S, Assistant Professor, Textile Design Department at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Hyderbad and the Forbes Magazine article titled "Weavers of Wellness".  

NOTES. Purchase online quantities of 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000+. Please carefully Read the information for FAQs and specify in NOTES at check out how many of each colour and ties or elastic.

Threads count is 80 ×90 organic cotton gsm is 85 gram. They come plastic wrapped for safety. Please recycle the bag. Freight price is not included. You will be invoiced when package is weighed and calculated according to your location.  See payment options below. Currency is Australian dollars, see below for estimates in Euro and USD. ** Masks are not medical grade masks.  * GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard.

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