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From the forest to the fabric

Exciting news. After huge amounts of research & searching Im about to launch my wholesale Len zing™ Tencel® fabric tomorrow. Yeeehaaa.

We are making 100% Tencel® (also known as Lyocell) trademarked to Lenzing™ then produced to STSC's specifics with our accredited manufacturer to meet higher than regular sustainable standards along our entire supply chain, from the forest to the fabric.

I’ve worked really hard to locate an incredible fabric manufacturer in India who will do justice to the care and support that Lenzing Austria give to making their beautiful biodegradable eco fabrics from wood pulp from accredited sustainable forests and then made locally into yarn using Closed Loop Systems so their waste & toxins is almost nil.

But here was the tricky part, finding a large commercial manufacturer who will take that yarn and produce equally eco friendly, sustainable fabrics using non toxic dyes, and I did it with the help of the team at Lenzing’s only Indian partners who have been so supportive.

Plus they all are great communicators (very important 🙂 ), and my makers will dye to almost any Pantone colour we choose, PLUS they show that they care for the planet as much as we do. Tick tick.

I know they are really deservedly proud of their manufacturing too, so I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have put this supply chain together to share with you all.

Not easy I tell you, so anyone selling non-trademarked Tencel or lyocell, you should ask for the fabrics accreditation because I know that eco designers really do want to do their best, and not be green-washed, and we can.... it just took a bit to get there haha.

So tomorrow I will release my chosen colours for Expressions Of Interest only at this stage to all Sustainable Textiles Club members so everyone can purchase as much or little as they like, and together we can reach their MOQ 1,000 metres.

We have about 160 ish Sustainable Textiles Club members worldwide & growing. It's free to join so I hope we will reach it quickly, and of course encourage anyone to place an EOI, the more the merrier.

You can of course purchase 1,000m straight away or wait until we have reached the minimum order & I then send you an invoice & get place our order. Takes 60 days to produce, additional 30 days if developing new colours.

So stay tuned and Thanks for joining the Sustainable Revolution !!

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