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Plant Leather

#wealthfromwaste bio-leather & RFiD THREADS®

Introducing a new innovative #wealthfromwaste plant-leather plus add a Global Circular Network RFiD THREADS® 'double digital product passport" for product authentication and customer engagement.

The plant leather is an eco-friendly alternative to animal-based leather, this biodegradable-leather is a "lignocellulosic biomass" made from agricultural residues such as sawdust, rice straw, wheat straw, dried leaves, or any other plant waste.

It is a patented technology and processes for producing a plastic-free, biodegradable, and recyclable bio-leather. Collectively offer a  waste-to-wealth model, circular economy, and zero-waste processes along with the Certified information put into a RFiD THREADS® DPP that can be slipped inside the product during manufacturing .

Sellers can easily scan the product to see its authenticity. Each time it is read with a UHF commercial RFID reader new data is added to show its repairability, durability, longevity. Customers can scan the corresponding QR Code to also see all details plus learn 'what to do when the relationship is over" or requires repair or to put into their compost for full biodegradability.


1. Purchase sample sheets below to trial €40  per sheet to sample 900mm×600mm

2. Book a Consultation to discuss bespoke designs for colours and patterns. #4 Textile Consultation Initial  1 hour. COST €90 approx USD96 / AUD 147.30

3. Visit Global Circular Network to learn more about digital product passports and book at Q&A Session to start

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