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SHOUT OUT to fashion and interior DESIGNERS wanting to use gorgeous sustainable textiles, to join a Sustainable Textiles Club. Designed to share knowledge, purchase fabrics at low MOQs for combined bulk prices, plus share freight costs and minimise our eco transport footprint shipping from India.

The Clubs are created by STSC. Sustainable Textile Supply Chain, and work as a conduit for people who are dedicated to helping support the environment through the fashion & interiors industry. Membership is free via a Facebook group.

My goal is to inspire as many designers as possible to use sustainable eco, natural fibres that are ethically sourced and dyed using either GOTS accredited or hand dyed using pure plant dyes. The focus is on the environment, the people and minimising water consumption.

You can join a Sustainable Textiles Club at any time -

So please join and share the Link to other designers to join the Sustainable Textiles Club in your closest country:

If you are in the UK please Join our UK Club

And if in the United States join the USA - general Club.

and New Zealand (or request me to set one up close to you)


I will shortly release my first bulk order Batch #1 with a selection of STSC fabrics chosen by Karen Kwok of Acquire at Design Store, 445 King Street, Newtown.

Karen is an amazing, experienced designer using natural textiles, plus teachers fashion at Billy Blue College of Design, so I am enormously privileged to have had her choose the textiles that she felt were her favourites.

I've spent over a year & a half searching for, and working with makers in India. I select people who have phenomenal knowledge, ethics and skills to make the highest quality sustainable textiles.

Visit the website

Also learn more about true sustainable textiles and how you will be supporting STSC and the Tamil Nadu Universities' Eco Green Unit's Wealth From Waste project where we purchase Fibre Extraction Machines and Training for the farming communities.

Welcome to the sustainable textile revolution,

Cheers Alison Jose

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