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Helping remove barriers to sustainable textiles

STSC is excited to offer very low Minimum Order Quantity on gorgeous, sustainable textiles when normally its 1,000 metre minimum for fabrics - and these are especially unique Natural Sylk fabrics made from aloe vera leaves and banana plant stem.

Starting from only 6 metres, this means that both emerging and established fashion designers who want to use more eco-fabrics can do so plus avoid massive fabric waste.

Named "sylk" to create a departure from traditional animal silk, these fabrics are 100% organic and biodegradable, plus durable, water resistant, breathable, naturally absorbent

have a gorgeous soft silk-like feel.

Using the principles of wood-pulp viscose fabric production, this range of Natural Sylks are made from cellulose fibre using the viscose method and then woven on a powerloom.  The fabrics are made from 100% natural fibres derived from "waste" from farm crops such as aloe vera, banana, corn and soya bean that supports STSC’s Wealth from Waste philosophy.

Manufactured cellulose viscose fabrics are known as man-made natural textiles as they come from plants that are processed into a pulp and then extruded like spaghetti strands into yarn in the same ways that synthetic fibers like polyester or nylon are made. We will also be launching other Natural Sylk textiles that originate from natural products such as rose petals, lotus and milk protein.

Working in full transparency, the Mill we have sourced our fabrics from in India are not, at this stage, prepared to reveal their production methods, and we are unable to attest whether they are closed -loop or not, which is the highest sustainable methods for creating viscose as seen by our Lenzing fabrics.

Given these natural fibres begin their life using zero-water waste and then biodegrade to nothing at their end of life, we feel its worth supporting these extraordinary sustainable natural textiles, and aim to support the Mill to create transparent closed loop systems. STSC are invested to support the changing fashion industry to create more circular economy supply chains so we can offer fabrics that are inching closer to presenting perfect textiles that support the environment.


Comes in a variety of gsm weights offering Banana Sylk at 76gs, Rose Petal at 85gsm, Aloe Vera at 125gsm, and Lotus at 144gsm.

WIDTH is 44 inches / 111.76 cm (1 meter = 1.0936 yards = 39.37”)

And here's proof that the kids know its a good thing - BANANNANA

Prices are offered range from aud$12 to aud$17.00 per metre

This roughly converts to:

  • from US$8.70 to US$12.40

  • BRITISH POUND £6.61 to £9.39

  • from Euro €7.38 to €10.50

Prices vary according to amounts purchased plus may vary depending on the exchange rate at the time of purchase.


For these orders we are offering white fabric in two patterns each with more patterns to follow. Designers wanting coloured fabric can consult with STSC to create fabrics with GOTS eco-dyed Pantone colours and printing, or hand dyed using pur plant based dyes. This can be achieved by sending your request to STSC.


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