8. 210gsm, Birla Viscose + ROICA™ V550

8. 210gsm, Birla Viscose + ROICA™ V550

SKU: 8.EV96SJ210

95% Birla Viscose 5% ROICA™ V550.

210 GSM

COLOUR. PANTONE TCX, Ready for Print or digitally printed.



Orders can be placed by the following 3 ways:
1. bulk 1000+kg MOQs - 
Email us to request the full CircStretch Presentation plus the Price Lists and Order Process



low MOQs by nominating an Expression of Interest via our STSC CLUB.


3. if blend is offered via STSC Club & unable to meet 100kg then join the Facebook group to create mini-groups. See all details on STSC Club

  • Pricelists

    Contact us and request to receive the CircStretch Introduction.

    MOQ Approx 1000+ / 500kg. 

    STSC has created live pricelist spread sheets for your convenience. The prices are subject to change with currency fluctuations and update every 20 mintues. 

    Here you can see the..

    Per Metre price of our Circ Stretch Fabric Blends. 

    The total MOQ price of the fabric. E.g 1000+

    Approx 20+ metre / 10 kg sampling is available with a 50% upfront payment of your bulk order.