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TENCEL™ Luxe 80% + Organic Peace Silk 20%
51 GSM - approx 12 Momme
Width: 140 cm - 55 inches.


COLOUR. WHITE ​or Ready for Print - View video of MalMal


Normal order is 45 metres - 15 metres is available plus a cut fee of Euro 75 

  • Euro 31/metre 
  • USD 34
  • GBP 28
  • AUD 53


COLOUR. WHITE​, Ready for print - we do not natural dye the Tencel Luxe


This beautiful textile is a bespoke blend created by STSC in collaboration with our mill and took over a year to perfect the handweaving process.


Considered by STSC to be our most sustainable and ethical luxury textile by blending with peace silk from a coop who are certified Fair Trade and GOTS organic and blending with the FSC Certified Lenzing filament yarn. 


Malmal is a bespoke development made to our specifications  in collaboration with our sericulture and weaving specialists.  Our mill will also produce high quality digital printing. 

TENCEL™ Luxe is the latest in eco-couture cellulose fabrics for the premium luxury market. The properties of the fine lyocell filament yarn can be compared to those of silk due to its airy feeling on the skin and the matte finish.


At the same time, TENCEL™ Luxe also stands out because of its extensive strength and high level of environmental compatibility. It is perfectly suited for very fine fabrics and as a blending partner for our Peace Silk.




FEES include :

1. Cut fee charged by the mill - €12.50 per metre. Totals €187.50 for 15 metres (*see below)

2. Indian GST 5% €8.50 (TBC if appropriate)

3. plus courier


* COURIER COSTS. Cost does not include courier cost to your destination.

Registered courier is billed separately once we know your destination plus cut fee if appropriate.



Note we are no longer sending small swatches that are wasted, place an order for 15 metres for sampling. 100% refunded within 2 weeks of receiving if you no longer require the silk. Silk must be uncut and clean, unused for full refund minus courier fees.


Option 1. 15 metres plus Cut fee

Option 2. 45+ metres - no cut fee



Full rolls are 45 metres. We can cut 3x for 15 metres each. Note for each textile the mill will charge a cut fee, this is due to each cut will potentially reduce the size of the next metre slightly so they see it as a "lost" metre so-to-speak and each cm is precious


3m sampling. Alternatively purchase 3 metres for sampling. We do not waste the Peace silk by sending tiny swatches.

15m AVAILABLE NOW. Malmal. TENCEL™ Luxe and Peace Silk. 51gsm

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