Malmal - TENCEL™ Luxe 80% Organic Peace Silk 20%

Malmal - TENCEL™ Luxe 80% Organic Peace Silk 20%

Malmal - TENCEL™ Luxe 80% Organic Peace Silk 20% 51 GSM, WHITE ​or Ready for Print

TENCEL™ Luxe is the latest in eco-couture cellulose fabrics for the premium luxury market. The properties of the fine lyocell filament yarn can be compared to those of silk due to its airy feeling on the skin and the matte finish. At the same time, TENCEL™ Luxe also stands out because of its extensive strength and high level of environmental compatibility. It is perfectly suited for very fine fabrics and as a blending partner for our Peace Silk.


51 GSM. 12 Mommie

Width: 140 cm - 55 inches.

COLOUR. WHITE ​or Ready for Print. 


MOQ 15+ meter sampling only available with 50% upfront payment of bulk order. 


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    100% Organic Peace Silk Live Pricelist

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