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Ordering Process

STSC is a service based wholesale textiles business shipping direct from the mill to customers.  We assist designers in sourcing sustainable, circular, natural, biodegradable and ethical textiles that are either handloom, powerloom or knitted. 

​To place an order we first require you to fill in a detailed Textile Enquiry Forms to include crucial details like fabric type, gsm and MOQs. 

Note MOQs are 100 metres for most textiles.  Ahimsa Peace Silk is 75m MOQ, Peace Silk is 45m MOQ, Handloom 30m MOQ and CircStretch 1000 metres. Click here to request our CircStretch Presentation for orders of 1000+metres.

We provide a wide variation of different dyes and print techniques to help create a diverse range using the same textile to plan a collection and meet MOQs.  See the Learn More pages.


To proceed please choose from the following steps:


  • Order swatches online via the website. 

  • Some swatches are only available in Swatch Sets. 

  • Others can be purchased singularly e.g $5 from specific product pages. 

  • If a product is $0 this means that swatches are either not available to purchase as a swatch or are only available in a swatch set. 



  1. Fill in a fabric order contact form below and the Textile Enquiry Form (see details below). 

  2. STSC will review your Textile Enquiry Form to ensure all requirements needed are fulfilled. (e.g fabric MOQ's are met, fabric quantities are clearly stated, fabric quantities for printing and dyeing are clearly broken down, if you would like additional sampling fabric etc). 

  3. STSC will then create a quote for your order.

  4. Once the quote is confirmed by the client an invoice will be sent.

  5. Fabrics will be ordered from our mills once payment has been made in full.

  6. Sampling/ Print and Dye testing will be carried out. 

  7. Once sampling has been confirmed Bulk Orders will be woven. 

  8. Fabric finishes added e.g printing/ dyeing / bio washing to soften. 

  9. Fabrics are sent to the client or directly to the factory for manufacturing.


Book a Consult in person at our Sydney showroom or via Skype to go through the Collection & discuss your requirements.  Consultation fee is USD90 / AUD$110 / EURO 70 / GBP 60.

Fill in the Contact Form and Textile Enquiry Form to start the ordering process.  To do this please ensure you first:

- Click on the individual textile pages to learn about the textiles and see the PRICE LISTS for details regarding MOQs, gsm etc. 

- Have finalized your unit quantities and able to commit to STSC’s minimum order quantities. 

Please fill in all details especially fabric type, gsm and MOQ as this is required to ensure a smooth and timely fabric production period.

FAQS. For more information:

on sampling, printing & dyeing, additional costs including set up fees, cut fees, freight & GST, production lead times and shipping details please head to our FAQ page.  

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