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#WealthfromWaste Plant Leather - sample

Sheet size : 900mm×600mm (35.433 Inch x 23.6 inch)

Sample COLOUR. Fire engine red

PATTERN. Crocodile-ish

PRICE PER SHEET. Based on MOQ - request pricing via email  

SAMPLE COST. 1 sheet 90x60cm €40/USD43 /£34/AUD65


Samples do not come with a RFiD THREADS®.

Purchase RFiD THREADS® digital product passports via the Global Circular Network per product eg. if you are making a bag, then purchase one RFiD THREADS® comes with unique QR Code. 

To start purchase a Q&A session to determine your requirements eg, attach to Supply Chain Management system, purchase RFID readers etc and receive costs.

See details.

Plant-Leather. Chocolate Croc sample. 1 sheet 90x60cm €40/USD43 /£34/AUD65

SKU: PL-ChocCroc
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