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EMBROID #2 - round.

Silk thread embroided pattern on GOTS certified organic cotton woven by pedal loom and hand dyed with pure plants including Ayurveda medicinal plants.


EMBROID design #2

Bespoke Approximate Size 17 x 19 cm


Price per embroided piece

Euro 50 / USD 55 / GBP 44 / AUD 83

€50. £43.50. USD55. AUD83


Step 1. choose Base fabric 

100% Organic cotton, satin weave


Colour options;

A. white

B. cream/gold


Step 2. Pay for piece

Step 3. We give you an estimated completion date (2-4 weeks)

Step 4. When completed we send photos and invoice for courier




* COURIER COSTS. Once completed we send you finished photographs plus invoice for final courier costs to your destination.



For orders different to the 3 offered sizes please email

Send a detailed description of your order concept for a quote






EMBROID design #2. silk thread on organic cotton. €50. £43.50. USD55. AUD83

SKU: Embroid#2
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