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"Saraswati; #1"

Water colour painting on government stamped paper.


Maa (Mother) Saraswati is a Hindu goddess who represents education, creativity, and music. The name Saraswati stems from the Sanskrit root "saras," which means "that which is fluid." Maa Saraswati is known to bring order out of chaos and has a calming and centering personality.


Each painting is unique, not copies.

Signed artwork by Solden Lai, Kerala, South India


SIZE. Approximate A4

Length 33.5 x width 23 cm


Price €32 / USD 34.40 / GBP 27.34 / AUD 53




Step 1. choose the artwork and pay €32

Step 2. We give you an estimated completion date (2-4 weeks)

Step 3. When completed we send final invoice for the courier.



- PayPal fees

- COURIER COSTS. Once completed we send you finished photographs plus invoice for final courier costs to your destination. Can combine with other items from EMBROID Collection.

- GST if buying in India

Saraswati water colour on Indian government stamp paper

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