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100% Silk Georgette - Ggt80

68 GSM, 78 GLM

Width 114cm - 44 inches

Colour - WHITE​ or Ready for Print


approx price after conversion according to days rate


MOQs OPTIONS Note we are no longer sending small swatches that are wasted, place an order for 15 metres for sampling. 100% refunded within 2 weeks of receiving if you no longer require the silk. Silk must be uncut and clean, unused for full refund minus courier fees. 

  • 15 metres plus a cut fee of Euro 75 
  • 45+ metresPrice per metre



  • Euro 40/metre 
  • USD 43.16
  • GBP 34.38
  • AUD 65.87



Note for each textile the mill will charge a cut fee, this is due to each cut will potentially reduce the size of the next metre slightly so they see it as a "lost" metre so-to-speak and each cm is precious

Cut fee is Euro 75 / USD80.93 / GBP 64.46 / AUD123.40


We source our silk from India where it is known as Peace Silk, Non-violent Silk or Cruelty free silk. Central to our belief system, we are opposed to “regular” silk where the silk worm is boiled alive and toxic chemicals are used to de-gum the cocoon, our suppliers have created a modern form of rural cooperation where it’s important to them that they treat the worm, themselves and their environment with utmost care.



78 GSM. 90 GRAMS.

Width:  114cm - 44 inches.

COLOUR. WHITE​ or Ready for Print. 


100% Peace Silk Georgette 68 GSM

SKU: Ggt80
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