India is the world's number 1 country growing banana crops, however only 10% of the banana stem waste is re-used for it's fibres, most farmers pay several hundreds of dollars to have the stems removed and possibly burnt, thus adding to the air pollution.

STSC and its sister label, EMBROID is collaborating with the ECO GREEN UNIT in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu to support it's "Wealth From Waste" Project.  We offer farmers the opportunity to purchase a Fibre Extraction Machine through the Unit's No-Interest-Loan scheme plus training sessions on the machines.

The Eco Green Unit is an initiative of the the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and Indian Federal Government Department, Make In India.


"The Eco Green Unit is a community based development program and a wealth from waste concept to achieve rural upliftment . We have a tie-up with State Governments in India.


The project promotion is done through Agricultural Department, Women Development, Rural Development Authorities, NGO’s, Farmers associations and with individuals."

To help grow awareness of true sustainable fibres like Banana Sylk, we are dedicated to assisting farming communities to purchase the latest Fibre Extraction Machines. 


The "Wealth from Waste" Project supports economic growth, provides jobs plus increases income and support for farming families and communities by using their own crops.  In addition it saves them the money spent on disposing of the stem "waste".


We are donating aud$5.00 from every sale to raise funds to gift Fibre Extraction Machines to farming families plus pay for their required training. 

You can help us help them by:
A. purchasing Banana Sylk through STSC, which in turn not only helps the farming families, but also to expand this start-up industry and make it strong.

B. Make a Private Donation. Donate as much or as little as you like.


Cost per Fibre Extraction Machine plus training is approximately aud$2,610 and once it gets to the required amount we will purchase the machine and training, we will send the money to the Eco Green Unit to select a farming family to gift to. 

Read further about the machines and the Eco Green Unit.

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Fibre Extraction Machine classes

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Eco Green Unit and their Production Machines

offered to farming communities through the support of the Tamil Nadu Agriculture University and Make In India initiatives.