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After placing your EOI you may purchase swatches below

  1. Now you have nominated the quantity of kgs/metres you are interested in purchasing via the EOI order process you can now purchase swatch/es you are interested in receiving.

  2. Cost includes courier fees (Mill to Australia then to your location).  If international we may invoice you for excess fees depending on your location.

  3. Once you receive the swatch please either confirm or cancel your EOI via email asap.

  4. You will be notified once we have reached the bulk MOQ and can start the order.  We will invoice you  for the development fee which includes textiles for sampling plus the order deposit.

  5. Once the production is completed you will receive textiles for garment sampling (may be 4-10 metres depending on how many metres in a sample roll determined by gsm).  

  6. Once you confirm your final order we invoice you for the remaining amount and freight costs to proceed with distribution.

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