Yulex Biodegradable-Rubber (Neoprene)

Yulex Biodegradable-Rubber (Neoprene)

Yulex Bio Rubber Sheet with rPET lining (1 side white, 1 side black).  
2mm Thickness. 4 way stretch. 


This produce is made with Yulex Pure™, the world’s first high performing, non-sensitizing, 100% plant-based, ultra-pure natural rubber, sustainably sourced, and proudly produced in the United States of America. 


Less than 1% of the worlds rubber supply currently comes from FSC certified sources and this is a natural low environmental impact alternative to synthetic rubber that is  a 100% eco friendly natural rubber harvested from rubber trees. This Closed cell foam is produced with purified FSC rubber compound.


Fabric is good for swimwear, rashies, wetsuit jackets, yoga mats, etc. Perfect to replace standard neoprene foams on sustainable projects.

0.2 mm Thick

Sheet Width: 220cm x120 - 87 x 47 inches.

Side A: White rPET

Middle: Yulex closed cell foam
Side B: Black rPET. 


Made in Taiwan.


MOQ 20 sheets. Single sheets are available in STSC Club order. 

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