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Construction. Padded toe, sole and heel. Arch rib support. Ribbed leg detail. 

Composition. Organic Cotton Natural Rubber Latex + ROICA™ V550
(0.02% rPET for toe closure and welt) which can be removed prior to composting and will be tested for commercial composting capabilities


Dyes. Cradle to Cradle™ (C2C).  Can offer Bluesign and AZO-free dyes that may lower the price.


MOQ. 100,000 pairs of socks


PRICE. TBC as this is dependent on the logo design.
Estimate price on a pair of premium mens jacquard sock is: USD $4.42 per pair +  the cost of Smart Thread (optional) 


Email us to request the full CircStretch Presentation plus the Price Lists and Order Process


SOCKS Organic Cotton + ROICA™ V550

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