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Textile. 100% TENCEL™ Satin woven

HEM. Short (also available in long)
COLOUR. Beige Gold

Timeless elegant design, this flattering slip dress is made with TENCEL™ Satin and is cut on the bias to suit all body types. Sizes from small to XXL


Satin smooth hand feel, very soft, slight healthy shine unlike the 'fake" chemical high shine from polyester and regular silk.


Purchase and then once we know your location we will send a link to pay the courier and provide delivery ETA. Read all details.


White / black / petrol blue / gold / khaki / terracotta


PRICE - not including courier
€60 -
approx currency conversion USD 64.97 / £51.43 / AUD99.28


Our gorgeous non-toxic, sustainable SLIP DRESSES are made with eco wood-fibre TENCEL™ Satin fabric in a 135 gsm medium weight for a luxury looking drape.


Now you can look divine in an eco-slip dress and ditch the toxic plastic polluting polyester satin.


Even if recycled polyester or rPET, the plastic fibres will take approximately 200 years to break down and leach into the environment and into animals and humans. The chemicals are known endocrine disruptors and carcinogens and can be found deep in human tissue.

We also do not use 'regular' silk satin because women workers are subjected to awful chemical working conditions to de-gum the silk cocoon (they get black fingers and noses where they're breathing in toxic chemicals and its unknown and highly unlikely they capture and clean the water instead of pumping into local waterways affecting the people and environment)



Other slip dresses are straight cut to use minimum textiles however our Slip Dresses have been meticulously designed and cut on the bias so that people of all body shapes can wear and look stunning, elegant and to look and feel luxurious without damaging their health and causing negative impact on others and the environment; all from a toxic Slip Dress.

Note. the excess textiles that occurs when you cut on the bias will be used to make lapels and neck ties for upcoming pieces.



TENCEL™ is made of cellulose, a natural component of Lenzing's renewable source material wood. TENCEL™ is made from sustainably harvested trees that is accredited and trademarked to Lenzing™.


NOTE. Please do not purchase products that do not show the TM trademarked symbol for TENCEL™. I have seen many brands lie about being certified TENCEL™ or just call it the generic name lyocell or rayon etc,

These fabrics are undocumented and most likely to be contributing to the mass deforestation we see around the world and even reported to be logging endangered forests by CanopyPlanet


SLIP DRESS. TENCEL™ Satin. Beige Gold

SKU: GoldSlip
  • In considering our impact on people and planet we have put various strategies in place to follow circular design principles.

    Some strategies include:

    • slow transport - shipping our textiles by road instead of air and from local Kerala mills
    • slow production - working with Biju the tailor and his highly experienced team. Collectively we have taken great care in deciding which textiles and trims to use to minimise our use of natures resources.
    • This includes designing bias cut dresses which allows us to avoid using a zipper where possible.
    • Our garments have been carefully designed and the off cuts are kept aside to contribute to the design of other garments. Zero will go to waste.
    • STSC work with our mill in Mumbai who allows us to purchase small quantities of textiles so we do not over order.
    • Textiles are shipped only by road to our Tailor Biju in Kerala.

    See more details about our artisans highly experienced tailors and artisans.

    • Small. Size 36. International S
      Bust 86-88. Waist 70-72. Hips 92-96
    • Medium. Size 38. International M
      Bust 92-96. Waist 77-80. Hips 100-104
    • Large. Size 44. International L
      Bust 103-106. Waist 89-93. Hips 109-113
    • XL. Size 48. International XL
      Bust 110-115. Waist 98-101. Hips 117-122
    • XXL. Size 50. International XXL
      Bust 116-122. Waist 101-104. Hips 124-128
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