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Set of 2 Pillowcases - woven with powerloom

Ayurvastra natural plant dyes

100% Organic Cotton


Width Standard

50 inches / 127 cm



1. Ivory. neem 

2. Red. Kumkum, madder

3. Yellow. Turmeric, tacomo, onion

4. Green. Tulasi, onion karisalankanni

5. Brown. Vettiver, velam

6. Pink. Sappan tree, madder

7. Natural white, animal manuares, soap nut, fullers earth, grass, sunlight



Not including freight or local taxes.


Price for two (2) pillowcases


AUD 19 / USD 12.76 / GBP 9.99 / EURO 11.60 / INR 1063


Once we know your location we will invoice for courier and provide delivery ETA. Read all details.



Customised order: Greige ​or Plant/ Medicinal Dyed according to colour swatches - bulk request quote


Learn more about Ayurvastra


STSC's Ayurvastra organic cotton pillowcases are first dyed using ayurveda plant dyes, then woven on a powerloom.


See information on the different colours and dyes.


The nature of this fabric is the exquisite and each dye batch is unique and made with "alive" dyes therefore colours will hold for approximately 15 washes before starting to change.


Washing instructions are to hand wash using liquid eco non-bleach washing liquid or soap nuts. Wash gently and dry out of the sun unless its white, then its encouraged to dry in the sun which is one of the main ingredients in the white textiles and will be re-energised by the sun. Colour fastness will depend on washing methods and harshness of the water.


Colours are as uniform as possible and will match as closely as possible but will never be identical to pantones as the environment has an impact on the final colours.

Pillowcases Ayurvastra Organic Cotton. Purchase 2 Minimum

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