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100% Organic Cotton Brushed Fleece

Premium weight 450 GSM
WHITE ​or Ready for Print or dye

MOQ 150 metres, can be mixed up to dye and print - or greige so dye yourself.

Photos show white and pale yellow.  See Available Now - have 40 metres in jet black ready to ship direct worldwide.

GOTS Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). To be certified organic, fabrics such as our organic cotton, must be grown and produced under stringent fibre production and processing standards that relate to the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. 



Width: 137 cm - 54 inches.

COLOUR. WHITE ​or Ready for Print or dye. 


Organic Cotton Brushed Fleece 450 GSM

  • Organic Cotton and Linen Blends Live Pricelist. 

    $5 swatches available to purchase via the website.  

    STSC has created live pricelist spread sheets for your convenience. The prices are subject to change with currency fluactuations and update every 20 mintues. 

    Here you can see the..

    Per Metre price of our organic cotton and linen blend fabrics. 

    The total MOQ price of the fabirc. E.g 100+

    5+ metre sampling is available with a 50% upfront payment of your bulk order. 

    Organic Cotton and Linen Blends Live Pricelist. 

    After veiwing the live pricelist and noting the MOQ's please fill in a PO Wishlist to purchase fabric for sampling or bulk orders. 

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