KELA. TENCEL™ Luxe 45% Organic Peace Silk 55%. 70gsm

KELA. TENCEL™ Luxe 45% Organic Peace Silk 55%. 70gsm

"KELA" Double Satin.  Tencel Luxe 45% Organic Peace Silk 55%

Handwoven bespoke textiles

70 GSM, approx 16 Mommie



- 114 cm - 44.8 inches - 45 Metre roll

- 140cm - 55 inches - 75 metre roll 


COLOUR. Griege, WHITE ​or Ready to dye or Print or printed in-house to your design.  Details below.

This beautiful textile is a bespoke blend created by STSC in collaboration with our mill and took over a year to perfect the handweaving process.


Considered by STSC to be our most sustainable and ethical luxury textile by blending with peace silk from a coop who are certified Fair Trade and GOTS organic and blending with the FSC Certified Lenzing filament yarn. 

KELA is a bespoke development made to STSC's specifications  in collaboration with our sericulture and weaving specialists.  Our mill will also produce high quality digital printing. 

AZO-free dyes work very well to your pantone.  To dye using pure plant based dyes we would need to do testing as the Tencel Luxe on previous machine woven Tencel Luxe has not resulted in a heavy colour saturated however as this is only 45% it may be gorgeous because of the 55% pure silk which we successfully bulk dye using pure plant based dyes.

TENCEL™ Luxe is the latest in eco-couture cellulose fabrics for the premium luxury market. The properties of the fine lyocell filament yarn can be compared to those of silk due to its airy feeling on the skin and the matte finish.


At the same time, TENCEL™ Luxe also stands out because of its extensive strength and high level of environmental compatibility. It is perfectly suited for very fine fabrics and as a blending partner for our Peace Silk.


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Order Process

- Request a swatch

- how many metres sampling will depend on the order quantity and whether greige, dyed or printed

- we offer lab dip tests to your pantone and strike offs

- 45+ meter minimum orders for 114cm - width
- 75 metre minimum orders for 140cm width -


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