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COST. aud$8 PER MASK (approx conversion USD$ 5.90 / Euro 5.50)

Ayurvastra Handloom 100% Organic Cotton Face Masks.

2 Layer, double sided face masks in various colour combinations. 

STSC's Ayurvastra Fabric Mill has utlised their premium gold striped textile on the outsdie and white cotton on the inside to create handloom resuable face masks.


Useing medicincal herbs imbued in the cloth.  We wear them all the time, and the herbs smell beautiful.  They are healing plant herbs and we do not take any responsibility for the health of the wearer.


Various sizes and colours.  


To purchase, send an enquiry to receive and invoice to Deposit 30% of 100 masks and we send 5 masks for sampling plus cost of freight to your location.  Upon approval you send the remaining 70% payment plus shipping fee for the rest to be sent.  Alternatively  you can cut down  your carbon footprint and purchase all 100 in one go - its better for the planet :)


Bespoke orders will be additional cost.


Gold stripe Ayurvastra Cotton Face Masks. 100 minimum order

  • 5 masks are sent for sampling with a 30% upfront payment of your bulk order.  Minimum order 100 masks.

    Fill in a PO Enquiry Form to receive an invoice for the masks and courier.

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