Digital Print or dye on TENCEL™ Luxe + Organic Peace Silk blends

Digital Print or dye on TENCEL™ Luxe + Organic Peace Silk blends

All handwoven TENCEL™ Luxe + Organic Peace Silk bespoke blends are Ready to dye or Print with your own printer or can be digitally printed via the Mill's in-house high quality digital printing to your design. 


See main page for details on 3 current bespoke blends

- MalMal, Kela and Twill then request price lists and swatches

See video on MalMal textile



The dye process is that you choose AZO free dyes or done in-house or we send to our bulk pure plant based dye experts also in India.


You select Pantone TCX or a range of colours similar - can send swatches.

- first step is to purchase the bulk fabric - (first purchase a swatch to approve the fabric)

- you send your colour specification - textiles used are from your bulk order to minimise costs

- you will receive lab dip tests to approve

- bulk dyeing is done following approval or adjustment.

additional dye set up costs of approx aud$340 is charged.  Depending on how many colours and the type of dyes chosen this cost may increase.

- cost to lab dip test around 4 colours with pure print dyes is approx aud$100


AZO-free dyes work very well to your pantone. 



To dye using pure plant based dyes we would need to do testing as the Tencel Luxe on previous machine woven Tencel Luxe has not resulted in a heavy colour saturated however as this is only 45% it may be gorgeous because of the 55% pure silk which we successfully bulk dye using pure plant based dyes.


DIGITAL PRINTING process same as above, we supply strike offs to your design specifications.

Read more about digital printing

Order Process

- Request a swatch

- how many metres sampling will depend on the order quantity and whether greige, dyed or printed

- we offer lab dip tests to your pantone and strike offs as above

- 45 metre roll minimum for 114cm

- 75m roll minimum for 140cm


- can divide up the bulk so some dyed, greige and/or printed depending on final order quantity