3. Consult with stretch specialist Ginia Chu Online

3. Consult with stretch specialist Ginia Chu Online


Purchase a consultating session with stretch textile and production specialist Ginia Chu.  Ginia is a specialist in activewear, knitwear and woven textiles and garment designa and production. 


Ginia  will work with you regarding a range of stretch textiles in STSC's collection including CircStretch.  Any additional time you require for design and production will be arrange with Ginia after ascertaining your requirements.


To prepare for the meeting we require you to fill in a Textile Enquiry Form. This will help Ginia learn more about your needs and requirements.


Once you have purchased this Consult please send the Textile Enquiry Form via email (contact@sustainabletextiles.club) - we will then send the CircStretch introductory presentation, the Price list and Order Process information.


Ginia will send you an email for confirmation and set up the Meeting.  


The appointment is conducted via Microsoft Teams and during this meeting we will also isolate which swatches you wish to see.


Learn more about what we do with the Circular Centre by visiting 



Note that many of these systems can be applied anywhere in the world therefore our Circular consulting for is not limited to Australia only.