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100% Organic Peace Silk

83 GSM,

95 GRAMS. 24 mommie - one of the highest quality silks available on the market and our highest quality in the collection.

Width: 140 cm - 55 inches.



then do a natural dye trial - 3x 5 metre colour samples for natural AyurVastra dyes.

Note 3 metres can be left undyed.


PRICE FOR PEACE SILK - then add cost of dyeing depending on colour

Normal order is 45 metres - 15 metres is available plus a cut fee of Euro 75 


  • Euro 50/metre = Euro 750
  • USD 55 = USD 825
  • GBP 44 = GBP 660
  • AUD 83 = AUD 1245



  • Price on application depending on colours - send swatches to colour match
  • plus AUD 340 set up fee  (Euro 204)



- cost of textiles - 15m

- cut fee (if less than 45m)

- dye cost 

- dye set up fee

- courier





We source our silk from India where it is known as Peace Silk, Non-violent Silk or Cruelty free silk.


Central to our belief system, we are opposed to “regular” silk where the silk worm is boiled alive and toxic chemicals are used to de-gum the cocoon which can have a negative impact on workers.


The sericulture and weaving coop are Fairtrade accredited have created a modern form of rural cooperation where it’s important to them that they treat the worm, themselves and their environment with utmost care.





15m Natural dye x3 Samples. SATIN 100% Peace Silk, 83 GSM

SKU: SAT95 15Mx3dye
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