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Ayurvastra Handloom 100% Organic Cotton,

Two Tone Yarn Dye, Thick Weave 

180 GSM,

20 x 20 Thread Count.

This fabric has been dyed with two colour yarns; Sandalwood and white/aloe vera.

plus imbued with Plant/ Medicinal herbs and plants harvested from the local forest.



12.5 metres currently in Sydney available to purchase

COST AUD$385.83 / approx USD284 / EURO 249.50

$21.80 per metre plus $3.50 per metre for freight India to Sydney. 

Additional freight charges to send to buyer depending on location.

STSC's Ayurvastra Fabrics are handloom fabrics handwoven by women who are master weavers and artisans.  The fabrics are yarn dyed with pure plant based dyes then imbued with up to 108 Ayurveda medicated plants and herbs. The nature of this fabric is the exquisite and unique therfore no two fabrics are exact match to the samples. They are made to match as closely as possible but will never be identical. We ensure the weavers and teams work to their set timeframes akin to the slow fashion ethos and don't feel the pressure of a fast fashion pace. 

To order more we suggest that clients allow at least 1 month for this fabric to be woven no matter how small or large the order.  


180 GSM.

Available in 2 Widths:



COLOUR. Greige ​or Plant/ Medicinal Dyed.


MOQ 5+ meter sampling only available with 50% upfront payment of bulk order. 


Ayurvastra Two Tone Yarn Dye, Thick Weave Cotton - Sandalwood & white

  • Handloom Ayurvastra Price List

    $10 swatches available to purchase via the website.  
    You will be invoiced for your freight once we determine your location.

    Download the Price list for price per metre.  30+ metre MOQs

    5+ metre sampling is available with a 50% upfront payment of your bulk order.  Plus a $50 sampling fee.

    After viewing the price list and noting the fabric number please fill in a PO Enquiry Form to purchase fabric for sampling or bulk orders. 

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