30m griege Heavy Textured Weave Cotton. Greige 300gsm

30m griege Heavy Textured Weave Cotton. Greige 300gsm

Handloom 100% Local grown Cotton, Heavy Textured Basket Weave 

300 GSM

2/10 x 2/10 Thread Count.

Greige - no dyes

Width 160/63"


NOTE The textile available now is greige, non dyed.


COST. plus add freight from Australia. Currency conversion may alter.

- aud$22.50 per metre x 20 metres (plus GST in Australia) = aud$450

- USD$16.50 per metre x 20 metres = aud$330

- EURO $14.50 per metre x 20 metres = aud$290


Pay $50 deposit and we send you the full invoice and freight costs once we know your location.


The nature of this fabric is the exquisite and unique therfore no two fabrics are exact match to the samples. They are made to match as closely as possible but will never be identical. We ensure the weavers and teams work to their set timeframes akin to the slow fashion ethos and don't feel the pressure of a fast fashion pace. 

Available from 15th April and sent direct.



300 GSM.

Available in 2 Widths:



COLOUR. Greige ​or Plant Dyed.