With 30% recycled Polyester fibre and 70% Tencel lyocell fibre this blend of yarns will provide the "benefits of both worlds" given the polyester component is essential for the moisture wicking. 


The water droplets are visible on the surface of a synthetic fibre like polyester (in this case rPET) because it is a water-resistant fibre best suited for wicking. 

STSC does do not consider rPET to be a sustainable fabric or ethical choice for garments that will be washed but given the necessity for PPE the role of the 30% polyester is valuable and given this minimal polyester is from recycled plastic bottles it will have an estimated 50% reduction in shedding than a virgin polyester fabric, plus there are less carbon emissions used when milling a recycled yarn.


STSC have decided to support this fabric as it will have a significant effect on minimising the pollution caused by the necessity to use polyester, will help minimise waste, and especially to replace single-use isolation gowns made from synthetic material.

The larger portion of 70% Tencel lyocell fibre is also good for water/sweat to be absorbed into the fibre itself and is designed to have a higher absorbancy than cotton.  Water/sweat gets absorbed into tiny gaps called micropores inside the fibre. 

Options include:

- purchase the textiles and we ship direct to your makers worldwide

- or we make the garments to order in Sydney. 

Fabric MOQ is approximately 500 metres (depending on colour).
It comes in standard colours, unique pantone (1000m MOQ) or we can print. 

Fill in a Purchase Order Wishlist for a quote plus see fabric below and click here to learn more about the TENCEL™ + rPET fabric.


70% TENCEL™ + 30% RPET + ams finish