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The Satin gamechanger

This is a #gamechanger - a sustainable biodegradable black satin made from 100% TENCEL ™ SATIN so we can all swan about looking & feeling luxurious and be eco too plus not contribute to harming the environment or animals 😍

Listen out for the swish of Satin - love it.

Most people don’t know that a polyester or rPET Satin will shed toxic microfibres in the millions.

Or if regular silk and not #peacesilk then it is made by boiling the silk worms alive & mostly using chemicals to degum the cocoon, so that’s why this fabric is so exciting.

And I’ve priced it so that no fashion designer can say it’s too expensive... because you, the environment and a bit of kindness is worth it.

And my amazing Mill in South India has agreed to let me sell in low minimums which is so brilliant because it means even small emerging designers can order too.

Plus he will ship direct worldwide - Bhavesh is a legend and an incredible pioneer of #sustainabletextiles made in #India.

Learn more by DOWNLOADING the Lenzing Eco Textile PRICE LISTS- link at top of each page and visit the various Tencel and Lenzing pages.

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