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Introducing CIRCULARITY workshops & Sustainable Textile Sourcing Event


LOCATION. EnergyLab Sydney, UTS

The CIRCULARITY Workshops are Australia's first step-by-step series designed to work through the industry specific recommendations set by the United Nations Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action and deliver a hands-on systems change event supporting leaders in the fashion and apparel industry to fully transition to circular economy principles.

Participants will learn from industry experts on topics including integrating circular design methods, creating a textile waste service, source true sustainable and ethical textiles, manufacturing both in Australia and off-shore, calculate carbon emissions and tools to communicate your commitments to both the media and buyers choosing to shop their values.

SPEAKERS in order of appearance include: Sarah Morse, Unchained Ania Zoltkowski, Sustainable Fashion & Resilience Researcher, Designer, UTS Lecturer Alison Jose, Circular Centre and STSC Sustainable Textile Supply Chain Gordon Renouf, Good On You Diana Manzi, Designer modetische Jody Head, Designer Algorithm Marcel Pandher, Design/Production Belle Marc Susan Hansen, MEYD.IT Shreya Hegde, GreenFleet Jenni Philippe, Design Thinking in Action and UTS Lecturer. ________________________________________ The workshop’s step-by-step and Q&A session format is designed to expedite a fast pivot to circular economy practices.  

One of the day's key sessions is the Circular Strategies Workshop: How to Transition to a Circular System facilitated by Jenni Philippe from Design Thinking in Action who will lead participants to redesign using circular design principles and put in place actionable commitments. 

Participants will enormously benefit from 30+ years of knowledge from Gordon Renouf, Co-Founder of Good On You who provides trusted ethical ratings of over 1,000 footwear, clothing and accessory brands.

Industry experts will deliver solutions on how-to navigate challenges along the production supply chain, learn about “true sustainable textiles”, and finally close the loop by creating circular waste systems to repurpose textiles plus carbon offsetting to build a business that is carbon neutral, zero waste and circular by design. 

The final session is for participants to source and order sustainable textiles from STSC plus have one-on-one MeetUp sessions with our experts. Participants will also receive an invaluable post-event follow up session with Ethical Consultant, Celine Massa.

Showcasing over 500+ sustainable textiles by Sydney based STSC. Sustainable Textile Supply Chain participants can source ethical, eco and healthy fabrics for sampling including “wealth from waste” fabrics made from banana, pineapple, nettle and organic peace silk plus sustainable forests’ wood-pulp that is 99.8% closed loop and a new bio-rubber to replace synthetic swimwear. SATURDAY 14TH DECEMBER 2019.  9am-7.30pm LOCATION. EnergyLab Sydney, UTS Building 25, 4-12 Buckland Street, Chippendale

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