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ECOVERO™ now available to both emerging & established designers in a low MOQ to promote zero-waste

"My goal is to make true eco-fabrics available wholesale to all designers, both emerging and established, plus make it cost-effective so everyone stops us

ing the deforestation viscose that people think is an eco-fabric when its absolutely not," says Alison Jose of STSC. Sustainable Textile Supply Chain

STSC has set up, so far, ten Sustainable Textile Clubs, run via Facebook, for anyone to join and purchase eco-textiles in low MOQs (minimum order quantities). Currently there are Clubs in Australia, Denmark, India, Germany, USA (general, based in LA), New YorkNew Zealand, Mexico, the Philippines and the UK

"Most mills sell only about 1,000 metres of a fabric minimum, but that's just the antithesis of sustainable fashion since it promotes waste," Alison says. "So the Clubs allow designers to combine together to reach the MOQs and be zero waste in the design phase."

Launching to the Clubs this week is STSC's ECOVERO™ knit jersey made with Lenzing's biodegradable eco-yarn that is wood pulp turned into fabric using a closed-loop system that captures 99.8% of its water and chemicals in the process.

ECOVERO™ is a sustainable viscose with the lowest environmental impact based on three pillars:




The wood pulp is sourced from sustainable forests that have been awarded Europe's highest sustainable accreditation. The forests are either certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (program for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) and the world's first producers to be audited by Canopy.

"Lenzing is the first the world’s leading viscose (rayon) fibre producers to complete the audit, a risk assessment of Lenzing’s current supply chains, which confirms the industry-leading rating of low risk for sourcing of wood from ancient and endangered forests or other controversial sources."

The world’s ancient and endangered forests are being logged at an alarming rate, putting species, communities and our climate at risk. Canopy works with the forest industry’s biggest customers and their suppliers to develop business solutions that protect these endangered forests.

“Lenzing is proud to be a proactive partner in the CanopyStyle initiative. Our leadership is re-affirmed by completing this third-party verified audit of our wood and pulp sourcing,” said Stefan Doboczky, CEO of the Lenzing Group. “These audit findings are of great value, offering us insights and confirming our path to continue innovating on closed-loop sourcing and offering our customers even more sustainable products.”

Alison says: "I think because many unethical fabric companies have been pretending that their viscose is infact Tencel™ without the trademark plus it's associated eco accreditation, that Lenzing decided to just focus on making an even better, more eco-viscose fabric. This has meant that ECOVERO™ creates a more obvious departure from the viscose that is causing catastrophic deforestation plus releasing chemicals and toxic dyes into the environment."

Wholesale EcoVero fabric comes with a trademarked swing tag by Lenzing, so that designers can attached it to their garments and let customers know that they are indeed using the real-deal.

"We know that designers genuinely want to do the right thing by the environment, and that customers are seeking it out more and more, so by creating the Sustainable Textile Clubs, it means that small design businesses can also have access to the same eco textiles as the big name brands; though I think its really the emerging designers who are driving this and meeting customer demand better than the big brands," says Alison.

A recent review of our fabric by fashion designer Diana Manzi of Modetische said "this is such a beautiful jersey. The drape is soft and slinky. The handfeel is gorgeous, perfect for fashion cut and sew styles. Can't wait to get my mitts on it." Diana has worked with such design greats as Camilla, Alice McCall and Kitx, so we know she really knows her stuff when it comes to textiles.

View the textiles and purchase direct at

Trademarked to Lenzing Austria and then sustainably milled to STSC's fabric specifications in India. Comes with free Lenzing EcoVero Swingtags.
WEIGHT. 150gsm
WIDTH. 81.28 cm / 32” tubular width
MOQ. 101-1200 metres
PRICE. aud$7.60 / metre
Total aud$9120 for 1200 metres (plus freight)
MOQ. 300kgs
(approx. 1200-1300 metres per Colour)
MOQ. 100 metres
PRICE. aud$8.60 / metre
eg. 100 metres total aud$860 (plus freight)
MOQ. 50 metres
PRICE. aud$9.60 / metre
eg. 10 metres total aud$480 (plus freight)
MOQ. 10 metres
PRICE. aud$10.60 / metre
eg. 10 metres total aud$106 (plus freight)
COLOUR/PATTERN. Current colours Black and Dark Navy, others by order.
COLOUR. Available in Lenzing standard colours using GOTS accredited dyes. Unique colours will incur additional development fees.
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