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Best way to source sustainable textiles

I’ve worked years doing research & developed lovely relationships with Mills who share my vision to try our hardest to make beautiful sustainable textiles available for both startup Designers and big fashion houses, because sourcing & then being able to buy in small quantities to support waste minimisation is so incredibly hard & time consuming.

To fast track the transition to using true sustainable textiles Ive created the following opportunities to learn, view and experiment with our beautiful fabrics.

There’s a collection of over 500 very diverse fabrics so the first step is to download the latest Prices Lists and Textiles at a Glance documents to see the range.

After that you can choose to do one of 3 steps:

1. Book an appointment in person at our Redfern Sydney studio or via Skype to go through the Collection & assess your needs.

I charge $110 for my time because as a specialised wholesaler it is not tenable to offer low MOQs in conjunction with existing timeframes for orders. $100 is rebated off first orders above $1000.


2.  go direct and purchase available Sample Books 

or 3. purchase Fabric for Sampling


First Appointment is to ascertain your needs and show you the Collection.  To do this please first download, fill in and email a Purchase Order Request Form prior to our meeting.  

It allows me to tailor the presentation to your needs plus the PO Request Form acts as your "wish-list" (regarding MOQs, fabric blends etc) plus it helps me consider if there are other fabrics I'm working on that may be appropriate to show - Im working on exciting new developments in sustainable textiles from around the world all the time so they may not be on the website as yet.  

Moving forward this PO Form is how we keep our communication in one place to discuss the nuances of the fabric specs, pricing etc.

In the PO you can include notes to discuss re specific Sample Books, questions on ordering a few metres of fabric from a few different textiles for Sampling, etc etc.  

As a wholesaler with very special relationships with my Mills I can often perform miracles :🙏🏼

We will also use the PO form to commence Print Consulting if you wish to print.

Click here to Book an Appointment or follow the other links.  Once we've settled on the appointment date and time I will send the link for payment and I look forward to meeting you.

And don’t forget to follow our socials as I post lots of information on textiles and the circular economy as I develop more initiatives to integrate circular design practices via

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