Our bulk Plant dyeing service (RFD) is purely natural, using only plants, it is a superior colouring method that is truly sustainable, and more-so than any other dyeing process including textiles carrying certifications such as GOTS and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® as zero toxins are used.  SEE AND PURCHASE COLOUR CHARTS


Woven fibre's natural colours contain dust and dirt residues from the weaving process. 


The first step to natural dyeing is bleaching to make our fabrics Ready For Dyeing (RFD).  This herbal bleaching process consists of several baths of hot water mixed with natural sources such as soapberries, wooden ashes and sunshine.

The next step is preparing our dyebath which is a mix of water, dyestuff and a mordant like metal that is used to fix the colour onto the fabric. 


The dyestuffs commonly used is Terminalia Chebula for yellows variations, True Indigo for our blues and Common Madder for a range of orange and red.

Dyeing consists of dipping the Ready For Dyeing fabrics into dyebaths, and repeating the dipping process until we reach the required shade.

The water left over is natural and will not harm the environment, and is often used to water plants.