STSC is my pledge to help make a change in the world that I see.


With my sustainable fashion label EMBROID, I initially did over a years worth of an extraordinary amount of research into businesses in India who I would want to work with.  


It was a true needle in a haystack scenario that I found businesses who feel as strongly about sustainable, ethical textiles, and doing the absolute utmost we can for supporting the environment and employees, that I do.


So I feel that it is important to share my research; share the knowledge, and the contacts, because it just takes so much time that most people cannot do it, and they are there, and they do care.

Plus with my personal family connection and some knowledge of the country from the places I've visited, I'm truly invested in sharing the supply chain to encourage designers to use these businesses so we can build larger sustainable, ethical textile supply chains, to support the people of India, and the environment.

Originally I wanted to keep this new exciting discovery of Banana Sylk fabric for my own label, and use for my own designs, but it became quickly apparent that my real goal is to share this important textile, so that other businesses can also choose to act as quickly as possible, to move away from using water consumptive toxic textiles, and make greater, faster gains in supporting the environment.

So STSC was born to share the knowledge and inspire global designers and businesses to support sustainable eco-textiles and make their next range using only true environmentally sustainable products and to work with producers in India whose aim is to do the same.

Infact, once you become a client of STSC, I will introduce you to our makers in India directly if you choose, so that we work as a collaborative with full transparency. 

This way, you also get to benefit from their incredible knowledge, experience and passion for making textiles to the highest level of sustainability attainable.


My Mission is to collaborate with an array of businesses who embrace the exponential shift towards sustainable eco-products.  To lend support to the communities, and particularly farming families and women Artisans in India. 

To work with businesses to ensure they follow as closely as possible, Closed Loop & Ethical Standards in regards to sustainable product production and ethical treatment of staff.

The values we stand for is to strive to minimise the impact that fashion production is having on the environment, and to encourage businesses to work with sustainable supply chains, rather than using raw materials and makers whose practices are detrimental to the environment.


Through our products we also raise money to purchase Fibre Extraction Machines through the Tamil Nadu Agriculture Universities, Eco Green Unit and their Wealth From Waste Project".  Please learn more here and support the communities who make our products.

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Director, STSC and EMBROID

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi