hybrid eco-blend TEXTILES.

STSC is excited to bring to you some amazing new sustainable textiles that are blends with pure Non-GMO Organic Cotton that is both GOTS and Fair Trade accredited.


STSC is working with India's industry leader in the natural eco-fabric sector to bring you sustainable fabrics and STSC is privileged to be able to offer their latest range of cutting-edge eco-textiles made from recycled fibres sourced from the waste of banana, aloe vera and areca nut crops.


Additionally, and in keeping with our Wealth From Waste Mission, we are particularly excited to soon launch cotton fabrics that have been blended with so-called "waste fibres" from food crops such as banana silk fibres, aloe vera skins and areca nut fibres.

STSC is proud to be supporting the fabrics of a wonderful maker who has invested heavily in supporting the environment and Indian farming communities by developing cutting edge, high volume production machine to utilise natural farm “waste” fibres and make apparel grade yarn and fabric on a large commercial scale.

Starting at the seed source, our makers uphold the highest standard of Certification and purchase genetically pure Breeder seeds that are non-GMO, from varieties of Suvin, Surabhi and Suraj from the Indian Government’s Cotton Research Station in Coimbatore. 

Suvin Cotton in particular is the world’s highest, long stable cotton, and a traditional variety seed from Tamil Nadu.  It is famous for its hand feel and strength.  Their goal this year is to work with 150 farmers to produce a mass cultivation of 150 acres in a bid to develop the world’s richest Suvin Cotton crops. 

They have created an Eco Farms Association to develop experimental plots in several villages for the benefit of the farmers and support biodiversity.


Their organic cotton crops produce Fairtrade organic cotton fabric and yarn, recycled organic cotton fabric and Hybrid Eco-Blends using organic cotton combined with farm “waste” fibres from banana, aloe vera and areca nut plants, as well as Indian hemp and bamboo fibre.

They are proud pioneers in the manufacturing of GOTS certified organic cotton and OE Certified recycled cotton plus their new Hybrid Eco-Blends. 

The owner started more than 20 years ago as a Textile Technologist working in the textile industry and has worked both in domestic and international markets with major retails brands as a Supply Chain Manager for more than a decade.


Their Mission Statement is to:

  • protect the eco system and environment

  • protect quality cotton

  • Improve the yield and income of cotton farmers

  • Work for the betterment of the cotton sector as a whole

  • Make cotton crop cultivation sustainable

To adequately support their Mission, they have established their own farm projects with BCI Farm Project.  BCI is The Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit that promotes better standards in cotton farming and practices across 24 countries.

They are certified Fairtrade with 1,000 farmers who supply their cotton in association with Fairtrade programs to “address trade imbalances, besides offering traders, retailers and ultimately consumers, a powerful way to contribute in impacting the lives of many disadvantaged producers and labours.  It promotes agriculture, and social economic development and environment safety”. 

Other key Ethical Standards include the use of non-GMO seeds, no usage of chemical inputs, usage of legal land, conservation of bio-diversity, labour welfare activities like prevention of child labour, health and safety measures and to encourage farmers associations. 

They have also developed their own vertically integrated spinning and ginning facilities.  Their strategies for supporting this industry including training farmers on organic production with field and skill demonstrations, distribution of printed literature to farmers, and working with Government officials and scientists from Research Stations.


Business certification includes:

  • Textile Exchange

  • Use Fairtrade Organic cotton and yarn

  • GOTS Organic Certified by Control Union all the way through to finished fabric supply

  • BCI – Better Cotton Initiative

  • Global Recycled Standard


A large commercial enterprise, they regularly supply yarn to major brands and buyers worldwide such as Levis, Diesel, Walmart, H&M, Marks & Spencers, Decathalon, Arvind Denim and Arvind Weaving and Knitting, etc.  They participated in the Lakmi Fashion Show 2017 in association with CHOLA Designers using their Recycled Woven Fabric and will again feature in 2018 Lakmi Fashion Show.

They are highly awarded for their innovation and excellence, they were recently awarded as one of the Top 25 Most Innovative Companies at the CII Industrial Innovation Awards (India and UK Tech.

They were invited to present in March 2018 by The Honorable President of India at India’s Department of Science & Technology and National Innovation Foundation’s Festival of Innovation with the view to build links with stakeholders “whose support can improve their prospects in coming years for the larger social good”, and “promote lateral learning and links among the innovators to enrich the ecosystem for new India.”

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