Please note, Stop Microwaste have requested we dont advertise the carton price on our website given its wholesale hence why this is a Private link. :)


Guppyfriend Washing Bags come in a carton of 24 boxes. They cannot be sold individually and will be shipped to you direct from Western Australia. So we minimise our carbon footprint we have shipped the cartons in a shipping container bulk from the makers in Germany to .the wonderful Claire from Ocean Remedy.

Stop Microwaste donate 100% and Claire and STSC are only doing this to cover costs as the bag is of courese specialised and more expensive than a "regular" washing bag.  We only cover our costs so that you can offer to make a small profit and help promote the cause.


Cost per bag is $AUD39 and we recommend you sell for RRP $AUD45-$49/bag.   

This cost includes the freight from Germany to Perth only.  Sending to you depends on your location.

Please send a Purchase Order with your address, phone number & email to receive an invoice according to your location and how many cartons.

The invoice will be for:

  •  $AUD958 ($39 per bag)

  • plus gst if required.

  • plus postage We are finding lately that Australia Post Express is the more reliable and cheaper service so you are invoice according to your location 

To place and order send your PO to contact@sustainabletextiles.club