We know that we are still wearing garments that have polyester or poly blends such as school uniforms, workwear or that fabulous 70s dress that you love & still looks amazing (because it may last 100-200 years). 

But every time we wash these garments (whether its made from virgin synthetics or recycled rPET fabric) its doing untold damage to the environment plus impacting animal and human health.  So STSC is promoting and highly supporting the Guppyfriend Washing Bag as the frontline help in minimising the shedding of these plastic microfibres.  Its not a 100% solution, and so while we work to replace these fabrics, lets at least minimise their impact.  Read more here from Science Daily.

Two key benefits of a Guppyfriend Washing Bag is that a. it minimises the agitation of a garment which will lessen the shedding and will help preserve your garment longer; and b. captures many of the plastic microfibres.


This specialised washing bag was invented and sold by Langbrett Gmbtt whose profits from selling the washing bags go to the non- profit STOP! Micro Waste
which goes towards micro pollution education and research. 


STSC support the non-profit StopMicroWaste! movement plus are raising awareness via fashion labels, businesses and School P&Cs, 


Contact directly for any retail order enquiries and to ask for pricing per Carton for a box of 24.

Alison from STSC and her 11 year old son Watson have started @circularschools to educate on the circular economy and help reduce the plastic microfibres going into the ocean from most school uniforms. 

We are designing a Business and School Education Kit plus offer Skype and in-person school talks to help spread the word and help P&Cs to raise funds for their school. Please contact Alison for further information.